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Marta and Carlos from Spain

October 2013
Guide: Mario Uesugi
Route: 25th : Tsukiji, Hamarikyu garden, View from 46th floor of Dentsu building, Yurikamome new transit to Odaiba sea side beach station, walk along the beach, Shibuya
26th : Tokyo station, Imperial palace (double bridge and east garden of the Imperial palace), Ginza, Kabuki theater, Asakusa, Shinjuku
27th : Meiji jingu shine, Takeshita street, Yoyogi park, Omote sando, Ueno and Akihabara

Hi TFG!!

We just wanted to say thank you very much to Mario for such a wonderful days! We enjoyed a lot visiting Tokyo with you. Thanks for sharing with us this invaluable way of discovering a city, mixing food, history, culture and enriching conversations.

Can’t imagine a best way for understanding a different culture that living all those experiences with someone like you.

Thanks for planning and re-planning our visits according to the desires of the Typhoon Francisco. It tried to ruin our days in Tokyo but it couldn’t! :-)

Congratulations for the amazing country you have: The contrasts of Tokyo, the history and Shrines of Kyoto, the calm of Koyasan, the landscapes of Miyajima… We will not forget the friendliness, hospitality and charm of Japanese people.

Thank you TFG for this kind of service that makes possible to live a really wonderful Tokyo Experience!

Thank you Mario, for making our vacations so unforgettable and let us sharing a “small piece” of japan with you.

Marta and Carlos from Spain.

Siscu from Spain

August 2013
Route: Day 1 Asakusa – Ueno – Akihabara; Day 2 Shibuya – Shinjuku
Guide: Kiyotoshi Ota

Magnífico día con mi guía Kiyo. Fuimos al Templo Senso-ji, Parque Ueno y el barrio de Akihabara.

Como quedé muy satisfecho de la experiencia, volvimos a quedar para cenar por la zona de Shibuya.

Kiyo me llevó a un bar japonés auténtico, sin turistas, ni carta en inglés.

Muchas gracias a Tokyo free Guide y en especial a mi guía Kiyo que habla un perfecto español. Sin duda alguna, si vuelvo a Tokyo repetiría la experiencia.

Arigato Gosaimas !!!!

Siscu from Spain

Mercedes from Spain

May 2013
Route: Kanda Myojin Festival – Shibuya – Harajuku – Meiji Shrine
Guide: Kazumi Suzuki

Dear sir/madam,

I wish to thank you for Mr. Kazumi Suzuki guide service.

He is a very nice man and plenty helpfull. He espent a lot of time giving us explanations and advices. He also taked us to the very best places in Shibuya and Harajuku, as we asked for. And all of this speaking perfect spanish!

Congratulations to Tokyo free guides!


Mercedes from Spain

Jose Manuel from Spain

February 2013
Guest : Jose Manuel, 12 people from Spain
Day 1
Route: Harajuku (Meiji-jingu, Takeshita Street), Shibuya (Hachiko, big crossing, Okonomiyaki lunch), Hotel Okura (Tea ceremony)
Guide: Megumi and Junko Murakami

Day 2
Route: Kamakura (Hase Temple, Great Budha), Yokohama (China Town, Minato Mirai, Land Mark Tower, Izakaya dinner)
Guide: Akio Watanabe and Yoshiko Honda

Day 3
Route: Koganei Park, Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architecutre Museum, Kichijoji (Hamonika yokocho, Izakaya lunch)
Guide: Reiko Yoshikawa and Junko Murakami

Dear friends of TFG:

One year ago I start preparing our trip to Japan. At first it was only for my family, but little by little more friends were joining and, finally, we were a group of 12. Looking for information of Japan in Internet I found TFG’s page and put in touch with them.

In spite of the difficulties to guide such a numerous group, the staff of guides achieved that our vacations were fantastic, and they helped us to know not only nice places, but also a magnificent culture. Months before our arrival to Japan I began to correspond by mail with the equipment of guides of TFG, I believe that before they had never had such a numerous group.

On Thursday we visit the zones of Harajyuku and Shibuya with the friendliest and affectionate Mrs. Megumi Muro and Mrs. Kazumi. It was a fantastic morning visiting these so known zones. The day culminated with the Tea’sceremony that the nice and charming Mrs. Junko Murakami organized us in the Hotel Okura.

On Friday we visit Kamakura and Yokohama, where we were waited by Mr. Akio Watanabe and his partners Mr. and Mrs. Honda, and Mrs. Hideko Shimizu. What a funny and nice group.

We visit Hacedera, Kotoku-In and Tsurugaoka Hachiman-Gu. After having lunch in Kamakura we go to Yokohama where we visit Chuka-Gai and Minato Mirai. We end the night in an “Izakaya”, with Norma Yoshimi, his so charming teacher of Spanish.

For our last day in Tokyo we were accompanied with the greats and kindly Mrs. Junko Murakami and Mrs. Reiko Yoshikawa. We visit the park Koganei, Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum and Hamonika Yokocho in Kichijoji.

Thanks to the generous and affectionate group of TFG we have such a fantastic holidays, and we love so much Japan that we think to repeat soon, though surely we will not be so many people.

Best regards to the whole equipment of TFG.

Jose Manuel from Spain

José María & Carmen from Spain

March 2013
Route: Day 1: Akihabara – Ueno – Asakusa; Day 2: Chidorigafuchi – Yasukuni Shrine – Shinjuku – Harajuku – Shibuya
Guide: Mami Oishi and Yurie Kashima

We ended our trip to Japan.

We want to thank your organization and especially our guides Mami Oishi and Yurie Kashima for the support and assistance provided during our visit to Tokyo. His Spanish language was perfect and unsurpassable interest by explaining everything you need. Sent a souvenir photos.

Thanks for everything.
José María & Carmen from Spain

Pascual from Spain

March 2013
Guide: Megumi and Yoshiko Honda
Route: Day1: Jindaiji Temple (Dhalma Market); Day 2: Kamakura – Great Budha – Hase Temple – Yokohama – Landmark Tower; Day3: Imperial Palace – Yurakucho – Tea Ceremony at Hotel
Okura – Shibuya – Meiji-jingu


No tengo palabras para agradecer la excelente acogida de vuestros guias.

Yoshiko y Megumi en Tokio han sido unos excelentes cicerones que han sabido transmitirnos parte del alma de los Japoneses, su cultura, sus bienes culturales, etc…

Os agradezco vuestra hospitalidad y la labor que TFG realiza para dar a conocer el Japó n a extranjeros.

Os acompaño unas fotos qyue dan testimonio de cuanto nos han hecho disfrutar en este viaje a Japón.

Muchas Gracias.

Un saludo

Pascual from Spain

Ashley from Australia

January 2013
Guide: Hiromi Shioya
Route: Shinjuku – Harajuku – Shibuya – Akihabara

Hi, Tokyo Free Guide,

Just wanted to let you know my guide for the day was fantastic, and I had a great day getting shown around your amazing city…!!!

Thanks again, Hiromi, you were great !!!

Ashley from Australia

Judi from Melbourne, Australia

January 2013
Guide: Michiyo Chida and Setsuko Kawaguchi
Route: Day 1: Harajuku – Shibuya – Asakusa – Hama Rikyu Garden; Day 2: Kamakura – Tokyo Tower – Odaiba (onsen); Day 3: Tsukiji – Ryogoku – Fuchu (classic concert); and Day 4: Imperial Palace – Ginza – Ueno

Dear TFG,

Regrettably it is time for me to leave Tokyo.
Although I have travelled widely in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, this was my first trip to Japan. Even when travelling alone in the past, I have fared well, but my time in Tokyo surpasses those earlier travels and exceeded all my expectations due to the deep knowledge, wisdom and professionalism of Mrs. Michiyo Chida and Mrs. Setsuko Kawaguchi. They enriched my time in Tokyo immeasurably and led me to start thinking of when I can return – even before I have left.

I think your organization is marvellous – and very clever too – because these ladies have been such outstanding ambassadors for Japan and her people that I know that I will return. My return will be primarily because of the warm guidance that Michiyo and Setsuko have imparted during my short stay. Their insight into my needs showed great wisdom and intelligence.

Thank you for your help – and in particular I thank you for allowing me to share my time in Tokyo with these two lovely, clever, hard working ladies. As the photographs show, my time with them was marvellous.


Judi from Melbourne

Christian from Germany

September 2012
Guide: Michiko Yamawaki
Route: Bunkyo Civic Center – Observatory – Tsukiji fish market – Ginza – Asakusa – Shibuya – Meiji Shrine – Shinjuku

Dear Tokyo Free Guide,

Thanks to your organization, that enabled me to meet Michiko-san, I had a great day in Tokyo and the best start for my trip to Japan. I met her on my first day in Japan and I enjoyed the day a lot and it helped me to get to know Japan better also on the following days in Japan. We went to Tsukiji Market,Ginza, Asakusa, Shibuya, the Meiji Shrine and Shinjuku. We had lunch and dinner at two fine restaurants with delicious food, that I would never had found by myself. Michiko-san could tell me a lot about the city, history, Buddhism and
Shintoism. She spent almost 12 hours to show me all the places, nevertheless the day passed very quickly. I got also some recommendations for my following days in Tokyo.

Thank you again, I am very happy that I found TFG.


Silvia from Israel

August 2012
Guide: Makiko Yamaoka, Noriko Shgehara, and Reiko Matsuda
Route: Day 1: Hamamatsu-cho – Imperial Palace – Ginza (Sony building, Mitsukoshi); Day 2: Hikarigaoka Park – Ikebukuro – Yanaka (Zensyoan temple) – Nippori; Day 3: Tsukiji fish market – Hamarikyu-garden – Sushi restaurant – Kichijoji – Shinjuku; Day 4: Asakusa – Ueno – Shibuya – Roppongi Hills; Day 5: Meiji Jingu Shrine – Omotesando – Aoyama – Tea Ceremony @ Tameikesano – Ueno Okachimachi – Hamamatsu-cho – Odaiba – Harumi Terminal

I wouldn’t know how to express my gratitude to Tokyo Free Guide and especially to my unforgettable guides Makiko Yamaoka, Noriko Shigehara and Reiko Matsuda. Your hearty welcome, cordial hospitality and enthusiastic company are beyond words.

You made sure that I would see the best of Tokyo, you created for me a perfect balance between old and new, our itineraries were planned and yet spontaneous (just the way I like it!)… so that each moment with you turned out to be exciting and fulfilling.

In fact, your precious help began prior to my arrival to Tokyo, when you indicated the best transportation from Narita airport to my hotel. You also introduced me to the subway system and constantly helped me navigate myself around.

I would never be able to experience Tokyo as well as I did with my generous and knowledgeable guides. I consider it great and exceptional fortune to have met Makiko, Noriko and Reiko! I already miss them.
I’m looking forward to going back to Tokyo to see my new friends!

Kindest regards,

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