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Yanuar from Indonesia

May 2013
Route: Tsukiji Fish Market – Asakusa (Sanja Festival) – Himiko Ship to Odaiba (Gundam Statue & Many More)
Guide: Takahiko Sugie ^_^

Journey to the Eastern ~ I Love Japan ^_^

Finally, Im in Japan & take a travel in here, with Mr.Sugie Help, We could learn the Another Culture of Japan, Good Vision about Japan
Thanks a Lot to Mr. Sugie that Guide Us with Patiently, and make a good recommendation to Visit the Intresting Place just like Odaiba,Asakusa, Tsukiji Fish Market, Ride Himiko Ship, Watch Gundam Statue and Many Place ^_^

Thank You Very Much to the Organization (TFG) to Respond our Guide Request ~We really appreciate it.

I Love Sushi ~ Never Forget about this Experience Japan
Best ^_^ Bravooo :) ~

Ganbatte Kudasaine ~ Arigato Gozaimashita

Yanuar from Indonesia

Rheaume from Canada

February 2013
Day 2
Guide: Atsushi Adachi
Route: Dinner at sushi restaurant – Odaiba night view

We are leaving Tokyo with memories that we will cherish for many years to come; special thanks to our knowledgeable guide Atsushi who made our night on Saturday.

We are gratefull and will recommend your volunteer services to our friends.


Rheaume from Canada

Judi from Melbourne, Australia

January 2013
Guide: Michiyo Chida and Setsuko Kawaguchi
Route: Day 1: Harajuku – Shibuya – Asakusa – Hama Rikyu Garden; Day 2: Kamakura – Tokyo Tower – Odaiba (onsen); Day 3: Tsukiji – Ryogoku – Fuchu (classic concert); and Day 4: Imperial Palace – Ginza – Ueno

Dear TFG,

Regrettably it is time for me to leave Tokyo.
Although I have travelled widely in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, this was my first trip to Japan. Even when travelling alone in the past, I have fared well, but my time in Tokyo surpasses those earlier travels and exceeded all my expectations due to the deep knowledge, wisdom and professionalism of Mrs. Michiyo Chida and Mrs. Setsuko Kawaguchi. They enriched my time in Tokyo immeasurably and led me to start thinking of when I can return – even before I have left.

I think your organization is marvellous – and very clever too – because these ladies have been such outstanding ambassadors for Japan and her people that I know that I will return. My return will be primarily because of the warm guidance that Michiyo and Setsuko have imparted during my short stay. Their insight into my needs showed great wisdom and intelligence.

Thank you for your help – and in particular I thank you for allowing me to share my time in Tokyo with these two lovely, clever, hard working ladies. As the photographs show, my time with them was marvellous.


Judi from Melbourne

Silvia from Israel

August 2012
Guide: Makiko Yamaoka, Noriko Shgehara, and Reiko Matsuda
Route: Day 1: Hamamatsu-cho – Imperial Palace – Ginza (Sony building, Mitsukoshi); Day 2: Hikarigaoka Park – Ikebukuro – Yanaka (Zensyoan temple) – Nippori; Day 3: Tsukiji fish market – Hamarikyu-garden – Sushi restaurant – Kichijoji – Shinjuku; Day 4: Asakusa – Ueno – Shibuya – Roppongi Hills; Day 5: Meiji Jingu Shrine – Omotesando – Aoyama – Tea Ceremony @ Tameikesano – Ueno Okachimachi – Hamamatsu-cho – Odaiba – Harumi Terminal

I wouldn’t know how to express my gratitude to Tokyo Free Guide and especially to my unforgettable guides Makiko Yamaoka, Noriko Shigehara and Reiko Matsuda. Your hearty welcome, cordial hospitality and enthusiastic company are beyond words.

You made sure that I would see the best of Tokyo, you created for me a perfect balance between old and new, our itineraries were planned and yet spontaneous (just the way I like it!)… so that each moment with you turned out to be exciting and fulfilling.

In fact, your precious help began prior to my arrival to Tokyo, when you indicated the best transportation from Narita airport to my hotel. You also introduced me to the subway system and constantly helped me navigate myself around.

I would never be able to experience Tokyo as well as I did with my generous and knowledgeable guides. I consider it great and exceptional fortune to have met Makiko, Noriko and Reiko! I already miss them.
I’m looking forward to going back to Tokyo to see my new friends!

Kindest regards,

Fábio from Brazil

March 2012
Guide: Misa Haratsu
Route: Imperial Palace – Asimo Demonstration – Tea Ceremony – Tokyo Tower – Odaiba

I d like to thank Tokio Free Guide staff, and specially my guide Misa Haratsu,
for such wonderfull time I had in Tokyo, and definitely a day I will never forget

This was my first trip to Japan, and my guide Misa was always in a good mood, patient and helpfull, that made me feel very confortable.

At the end of the day, for me was very hard to say good bye,

Tokyo free guide is definitely and opportunity to get an insight in

I Really would like to come back to Tokyo next year.

I also highly recommend Tokyo Free Guide to anyone visiting Japan

Thanks again for all the good times I had.
Greetings from Brazil

Fábio F Saucedo

The Lustre Family from USA

July 2010
Guide: Ryuichiro Hayashi
Route: Tsukiji fish market – Ginza – Asakusa – Akihabara; Tokyo Metropolitan Government building – Harajuku – Shibuya – Odaiba

My name is Maricel Lustre. A few weeks ago, I wrote to Tokyo Free Guide requesting a free tour. TFG assigned a wonderful tour guide to us named “Hayashi Ryuichiro” also known as Ichiro-san for short.
My family and I would like to thank Tokyo Free Guide for giving us Ichiro-san. He is very professional, punctual, knowledgeable and was able to save us money by using wise transportation. We enjoyed all of the places we visited but we had lots of fun in Odaiba. We also loved dining at Ganko. We are very happy in having Ichiro-san as our tour guide. Our14 year old son loved him! Ichiro-san was very patient with him. Our son could not stop talking about him. We learned so much from Ichiro-san. It was our first time to tour Tokyo and our experience was very memorable. Thank you very much Ichiro-san for showing us Tokyo. We feel very fortunate in having met you because in doing so we have gained a friend. Read the rest of this entry »

Clelia, Rafael & Tato from Brazil

January 2010
Guide: Katsue Shinomiya; Noriko Murakami
Route: (Day 1) Shinjuku – Ginza – Asakusa – Akihabara; (Day 2) Sinjuku – Harajuku – Gaiennmae – Kokyo – Odaiba; (Day 3) Tokyo Daibutsu – Ikebukuro – Ryogoku

We my family had a great time in japan. we (rafael, Clelia and Tato) have done a wonderful trip to Japan in January 25-2010
we are not descendants of Japanese but we had a curiosity to know a developed and organized country. were delighted with this country. but I confess that what made the difference was to have the support of the guides Katsue and Noriko. … They are wonderful people, and we particularly like being able to be with them.
We would like to congratulate the “free guide” service. especially Katsue and Noriko.

Clelia, Rafael & Tato

Uri from Israel

September 2009
Guide: Yukiyo Itahana
Route: (Sep.19) Shinjuku – Kagurazaka – Akihabara – Asakusa – Ginza; (Sep.20) Harajuku – Yoyogi Park – Asakusa; (Sep.25) Ginza – Shinbashi – Odaiba

I heard about the Tokyo Free Guide website very close to our travel date, but decided I would give it a try & write, even though it was past the suggested date that I should write by. Within a couple of days I received a reply by email directly from Yukio, a 68 year old retiree. His English was very good, & he was available for us to meet the morning after we arrived in Tokyo , which was great for me. I later wrote him to say that perhaps our group might be a bit bigger than I originally thought. I was traveling with a modern dance company, we were performing at the Aoyama Round Theatre. When they heard from me about Yukiyo they were all very excited & everyone wanted to join! Yukiyo’s response by email: “Welcome, welcome. The more the merrier.” I knew I was going to like him.

Yukiyo met us at our hotel lobby, after introductions & giving him a small gift I had brought with me (a beautiful photo book of Tel Aviv) we headed out. We did all the regular tourist stuff the first day- the observatory in the Municipal Government building in Shinjuku, Akihabara, Asakusa, Ginza . It was so great being with Yukiyo, having him teach us how to use the metro, how to order food in restaurants, & just the great conversations we had with him. At the end of the first day, even though we had only agreed to that one day, he offered to meet us in the morning & continue our exploration of Tokyo . Read the rest of this entry »

Don and Eileen from USA

September 2009
Guide: Koji Yamada
Route: September 20th: Hamarikyu Garden- Asakusa – Ameyoko street in Ueno – Akihabara (electric town) – Yakitori in Yurakucho; September 21st: Odaiba – Tsukudajima – Nezu – Yanaka

Dear Tokyo Free Guide

We want to thank Koji Yamada for being our guide in Tokyo on September 19th and 20th 2009. He was a wonderful guide and showed us popular areas like Asakusa as well the back alleys of Nezu and Yanaka. He explained about these places in clear English and really enhanced our appreciation and understanding of Tokyo’s history and culture. He also taught us a few useful phrases in Japanese. Not only did he show us and tell us about the real Tokyo but also taught us how to use the subway so that we could explore on our own. Whoever said “You will be lost in Tokyo,” didn’t have Koji for a guide. In addition, he showed us inexpensive and authentic places that we would never have found by ourselves. We highly recommend Koji as a guide.

All the best,

Don Gabor and Eileen Cowell

Peter and Christina from Aachen, Germany


July 2009
Guide: Keiko Nagamatsu; Naomi; Mitsuyo Fujiwara
Route: Z?j?-ji – Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building – Meiji Shrine – Odaiba – Shiodome; Nikko (T?sh?-g? – Futarasan Shrine – Rinn?-ji); Kamakura


You were so kind to arrange for three guides for our trip to Japan on relatively short notice. They were Keiko-san on July 13th for Tokyo, Naomi-san on July 15th for Nikko, and Mitsuyo-san on July 16th for Kamakura. We want to thank you very much for these arrangements. They were the best guides we ever had anywhere. All of them were extremely kind, knowledgeable, professionally meticulous in the preparation of our trips, very personal, fluent in English and German respectively, had sense of humour – and just were plain charming. My wife Christina and I were enchanted and extremely lucky of having these wonderful three ladies as guides. We saw and learnt so much more on these three trips than we could ever have managed by doing it ourselves. The sightseeing tours were unforgettable experiences both into the venerable ancient Japanese culture with its unique temples, shrines and gardens and the breathtaking modern Japan with her mind boggling architecture.

Thanks to you personally for providing our wonderful guides and for serving tourists from all over the world with your fine agency. We will recommend Tokyo Free Guide to all of our friends and acquaintences planning to see Tokyo. Please feel free to quote us as you see fit.

Kind regards,

Peter and Christina Jacobi
Aachen, Germany

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