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Comments and Pictures from our Guests

Pam from USA

January 2010
Guide: Akemi Ito and Tomoko Matsubara
Route: <Kamakura> Komachi street – Tsurugaoka – Hachimangu shrine – Kamakuragu shrine – Egaraten shrine – Sugimoto temple – Shakado Kiridoshi – Hokokuji; <Tokyo> Akihabara – Yanaka – Asakusa – Kagurazaka

Tokyo Free Guide,

Thanks again for providing me great volunteer guides!

Akemi Ito provided me with an awesome tour of Kamakura. I was so impressed how she knew a lot of the area’s history and all of the sites. She showed me so much of the natural beauty of Kamakura.

Tomoko Matsubara helped to design a tour of the “old” and “new” Japan, taking me to Asakusa, Kagurazaka, Yanaka, and Akihabara. We even met some geisha in Kagurazaka. She is really friendly and I had so much fun.

I can’t say enough about my guides. They were the best. Both guides communicated with me a lot before my trip so that they could research and make suggestions. I had such a great time and have been recommending TFG to everyone! This is the second time I asked for guides from TFG and I will continue to do so in the future!

Thanks again TFG, Tomoko, and Akemi!

Lisa and Bob from Pennsylvania, USA

November 2009
Guide: Chikako, Senichi Nagai, Takako, and Miyuki
Route: Omotesando – Kagurazaka; Tsukiji – Ginza – Akihabara – Yanaka; Hamarikyu – Asakusa – Kappabashi; and Shinjuku

On behalf of my husband and myself we want to thank Tokyo Free Guide and our guides, Chikako, Senichi, Takako and Miyuki for a wonderful experience touring Tokyo in early November. Each of the guides was outgoing, fun, informative and dedicated to seeing that we had a very positive experience. I could go on at length about how we enjoyed each guide, but suffice it to say that the Tokyo Free guide service, and our specific guides (Chikako, Senichi, Takako and Miyuki) made our trip to Tokyo tremendously memorable. Thank You!!
Lisa and Bob Tourek, Wexford Pennsylvania USA

Uri from Israel

September 2009
Guide: Yukiyo Itahana
Route: (Sep.19) Shinjuku – Kagurazaka – Akihabara – Asakusa – Ginza; (Sep.20) Harajuku – Yoyogi Park – Asakusa; (Sep.25) Ginza – Shinbashi – Odaiba

I heard about the Tokyo Free Guide website very close to our travel date, but decided I would give it a try & write, even though it was past the suggested date that I should write by. Within a couple of days I received a reply by email directly from Yukio, a 68 year old retiree. His English was very good, & he was available for us to meet the morning after we arrived in Tokyo , which was great for me. I later wrote him to say that perhaps our group might be a bit bigger than I originally thought. I was traveling with a modern dance company, we were performing at the Aoyama Round Theatre. When they heard from me about Yukiyo they were all very excited & everyone wanted to join! Yukiyo’s response by email: “Welcome, welcome. The more the merrier.” I knew I was going to like him.

Yukiyo met us at our hotel lobby, after introductions & giving him a small gift I had brought with me (a beautiful photo book of Tel Aviv) we headed out. We did all the regular tourist stuff the first day- the observatory in the Municipal Government building in Shinjuku, Akihabara, Asakusa, Ginza . It was so great being with Yukiyo, having him teach us how to use the metro, how to order food in restaurants, & just the great conversations we had with him. At the end of the first day, even though we had only agreed to that one day, he offered to meet us in the morning & continue our exploration of Tokyo . Read the rest of this entry »

Luis from Spain

November, 2008
Guide: Chinami and Ichiro
Route: Kagurazaka – Koishikawa Garden – Korakuen – Tomioka Hachimangu – Fukagawa Fudou

Hello to all TFG members:

We would like to thank to TFG and, especially, to our guides Chinami and Ichiro, for give us the opportunity to visit Tokyo with them. It was a wonderful way to discover the city and enjoy it.

We’re a family who always wanted to visit Japan. We finally could this year and, after visiting Tokyo with Chinami and Ichiro, we’re sure we’re gonna come back again.

Chinami and Ichiro made our visit to Tokyo unforgettable. We were more than happy with their kindness and friendliness. We had lot of fun and thank to them we keep wonderful memories of Tokyo.

They took us to places we had never reach by ourselves, specially Kagurazaka (a very nice place to visit with no many people & tourist and really beautiful old narrow streets), Fukagawa temple and Tomiokahachimangu Shrine, two special places celebrating party days.

If you sometime decide to visit Spain and Balearic Islands, we will be pleased to be your guides.

!Nos vemos en Espana!
Thanks again.

GRACIAS a TFG y especialmente a Chinami e Ichiro que hicieron de nuestra visita a Tokyo un acontecimiento inolvidable. Recomendamos enormemente TFG para visitar Tokyo, merece la pena sobre todo por la calidad humana de sus guias.

Hasta siempre.

Luis & Amelia y familia.

David and Becky from Ontario, Canada

November, 2008
Guide: Kyoko
Route: Asakusa – Kagurazaka – Omotesando

Dear TFG,

I wanted to thank Tokyo Free Guide ~ and our amazing tour guide Kyoko ~ for our incredible day in Tokyo. Kyoko took us to many places off the beaten path, taught us how to use the subway, showed us where the best restaurants were and even showed us how to make origami cranes. After travelling for 3 months in Asia, both my wife and I agreed that our 5 or 6 hours with Kyoko were some of the best of the entire vacation.

Thank you so much for this great service.

Kind Regards,

David and Becky Vanderlaan
Ontario, Canada

Sara and Nick from London, UK

October, 2008
Guide: Kyoko
Route: Kagurazaka – Koishikawa Kourakuen – Akihabara

I wanted to thank your very lovely guide, Kyoko who was a great help to us in Tokyo. She was sensitive to what we did and didn’t want to do, and very kindly took us to all the places we asked to go, and used her imagination and good sense of humour to make the day fun.

I hope she had fun on our day too, we went to a beautiful old part of Tokyo which was not in our guide book so without her we would never have visited it, also to a gorgeous old garden, then in contrast we went to Akihabara and visited Mandarake manga store and a cat petting cafe. (this cafe was a new experience for both of us).

She helped us order strange and wonderful seafood in a sushi kaiten restaurant, and she was funny, cheerful, and had brilliant English (both written and speaking) which made life really easy for us. Also, she helped us immeasurably by getting our J-Passes validated at the vast and confusing Shinjuku station, something we would have had great trouble with on our own I am sure.

My husband and I really enjoyed meeting her and we had a great day in her company.

We would recommend Tokyo Free Guide to anyone who would like to spend the day doing something low cost and fun, with someone who can show you a different side of Tokyo that you see on your own as a tourist. I would also recommend asking for Kyoko-san!

Thank you Kyoko-san and Tokyo Free Guides!
Sara and Nick Flavell, London, UK.

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