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Martin, Alexandra Marre and Daniel Mook from Frankfurt, Germany

March 2008
Guide: Yuji Yoshida
Route: Akihabara – Ginza

Dear Tokyo Free Guide,

we want to thank you for this great day in Tokyo. I think our tour was not one of the normal guided tours. As we are a group of Anime fans we were in Tokyo to visit the Tokyo Anime Fair and asked for a guide to show us all great stores in Akihabara. And this was the best shopping tour we ever had! Our guide Yuji-san showed us around all places for Anime fans including a maid cafe. He is a very friendly and considerate person and as it was a shopping tour he had to be very patient ^^

If someone wants to book a guided shopping tour through Tokyo, Tokyo Free Guide is your best option. And be sure to ask for Yuji-san^^

We will never forget this tour and surely come again.

Best regards,

Karin (Kiki) and Marty from California, USA

November, 2007
Guide: Kyoko Minami
Route: Meiji Shrine – Asakusa – Hama Rikyu Garden – Ginza – Kabuki Theater


We’re Karin (Kiki) and Marty Levine, from the Los Angeles area of California.

We’d like to compliment you on your marvelous organization, having had the pleasure of a first-hand experience with Kyoko Minami, one of your volunteer guides, recently.

We spent the entire day with Kyoko on Friday, November 16, 2007, and feel that our time with her was the highlight of our Tokyo stay, as well as being one of the best days of our two and a half week stay in Japan.

Kyoko met us at our hotel as planned, and within minutes we felt that we were with an old friend. We had corresponded with her prior to our trip,and had expressed our interest in certain areas and sites in Tokyo. She had agreed, and we set off for a day that will live in our memories forever.

We visited the Meiji Shrine, Asakusa, took the Sumida River cruise from Asakusa to Hama Rikyu Garden, and then explored Ginza, where Kyoko showed us the Kibuki Theater and introduced us to the wonders of the Mitsukoshi Department Store, as well as showing us Chuo Dori, which was beautifully decorated for Christmas.

We sampled Japanese food that we’d heard of: okonomiyaki and yaki soba, and enjoyed tea and a little “mutual gift exchange” at Kuremuri Tea Salon in Ginza.

Throughout the day, Kyoko was enthusiastic, helpful, professional and friendly. Her English is excellent, so we were able to ask lots of questions,exchange ideas and honestly, laugh a lot. Her knowledge of the city is outstanding,which, of course, contributed to the success of the day.

Kyoko is an outstanding guide, and a wonderful person. She made a very positive impression on us, and we can’t help but smile when we speak of her. She is,as we say here, “just the greatest.”

Since our return, we’ve corresponded several times, and hope to keep in touch with her.

Thank you so much for arranging our meeting.


Karin (Kiki) and Marty Levine

Thibaut and Maret from Estonia

November, 2007
Guide: Mitsuyo Fijiwara
Route: Tokyo Metropolitan Government building – Ginza – Kappabashi – Sensoji

Our wonderful, very helpful Tokyo Free Guide Mitsuyo met us near the Hachiko statue on Monday morning. Our adventures in Tokyo started with the beautiful view from the Tokyo government building. The weather was so great and clear that we could even see the Fuji! We had great lunch in a sushi bar (that we visited later also on our own-it was really tasty) and we continued to our tea-ceremony. Could taste the strongest green tea I ever had in my life:) In the afternoon we had short visits to Ginza area, Kappabashi street, Senjoji Temple and our tour ended with a beautiful river tour! Thank you very much for this and it gave a lot to our Japan trip!

It was very lovely meeting you, Mitsuyo. Thanks for having been our guide!

Steve, George, Randy, Silvia, David and Gary from the USA

August, 2007
Guide: Naomi Ishiwatari, Ryuichiro Hayashi, Toshiko Kageyama, Takako Matsuo, Kyoko Iwasaki, Takae Azuma, Yoshimi Nagasawa, Chinami Nishizawa, Keiko Nagamatsu, Hanae Matsuura, Sanae Kawamoto
Route: Sake Factory tour, Asakusa, Imperial Palace Garden, Ginza, Harajuku, Meiji Shrine, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office, Tsukiji Fish Market, Nikko, Bonsai-mura (Omiya), Kawagoe, Fishing tackle shops, Japanese Tea ceremony experience

Dear T.F.G.

I want to sincerely thank you for the excellent guide service. I have traveled in over 50 countries now and I must say that the level of professionalism and guiding were second to none. All my TFG’s were excellent during my trip. Sanae with her big smile and warmth welcomed me to Japan, Ichiro was excellent and well prepared, Hanae was very good showing me around Tokyo with my special requests. I had opportunities to meet other TFG guides on this trip as we were a group of 6 they were all awesome and my friends were just in amazement at the level of service.

This service is invaluable to first time travelers to Japan especially in Tokyo, they cater to your interests; take you to great inexpensive restaurants. TFG bridges the gap between culture and local customs on a personable level. I must admit the sightseeing was very nice but the TFG’s were excellent hosts and guides it seemed that we were guided by friends and it made it a more memorable experience. If every country in the world would have a program like this, the world would be a better place, great ambassadors for Japan. A most memorable and enlighting trip.
Most highly recommended.

Domo Arigato Gozaimasu,

Steve from Simi Valley, California

Scott and Rebecca from Gold Coast, Australia

June, 2007
Guide: H. K. and Chinami Nishizawa
Route: Imperial Palace – Ginza – Harajuku – Meiji Shrine – Shinjuku – Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office; Hama-Rikyu Garden – Odaiba

Thank you for your great service. We had the services of two of your excellent guides, H. K. on Sunday 24th of June and Chinami Nishizawa on Tuesday 26th of June. Both of these guides were excellent in all aspects and we had wonderful days full of memories with both. We will highly recommend your services to all our friends and colleagues who are visiting Tokyo. Please accept our sincere gratitude to your organisation and the two guides in particular for helping make our trip to Japan a very memorable one indeed.

Kind Regards,

Scott and Rebecca
Gold Coast, Australia

Minoru and Heidi from the USA

Asakusa Sensouji
Asakusa Sensouji

February, 2007
Guide: Sanae Kawamoto
Route: Asakusa – Ikebukuro – Shinjuku – Ginza

I want to thank all of you again for making our days in Tokyo so memorable. It was such an outstanding experience but much too short. We must return. You were all so kind, patient and helpful. I don’t know how we would have managed without you. We enjoyed seeing the sights of Tokyo but equally, to meet you, talk to you and see this beautiful country and its culture from your viewpoint made it so much more than what we could have imagined. I am already dreaming of flying into Narita again!

Bob from the USA

March, 2005
Guide: Junichiro and Kanako
Route: Asakusa – Edo Museum – Kokugikan – Imperial Palace – Sony Building – Ginza – Kabukiza

I want to thank both of you for the extraordinary day we spent in Tokyo – a day I will never forget. Thanks to you I got to know Japan and feel very comfortable there very quickly. Also, you both are wonderful people. My heart was also touched as we said goodbye.

Min from Chicago, USA

February, 2005
Guide: Kaz & Riyo
Route: Tsukiji – Kabuki – Tsukishima – Ginza – Harajuku – Meiji Shrine

I had a fantastic time in Tokyo! Kaz-san and Riyo-san made it more of a realistic and memorable trip for me. Instead of just looking around like most tourists, I actually have someone native to tell me stories and different aspects of Japanese cultures. And someone to answer my questions. Also, I wouldn’t have had the chance to try Monjayaki or Liquid tofu if it wasn’t for you! But the best part is, on the trip, you weren’t like normal tour guides, you were much more like friends to me! I am really grateful for everything you’ve done for me! And I’d be more than happy to take you out if you ever visit wherever I am…So Thank you so much!!! and thanks again for the chocolates too, I promise I won’t send marshmallow ;)

Adrian from Singapore

November, 2004
Guide: Mai
Route: Advertising Museum Tokyo – Nihon TV Tower – Ginza

Excellent! Fascinating! Memorable! these are the words that i can think of your friendly services and my trip to tokyo. Many thanks to Mai-san and Kazuyo-san for your hospitality and i am looking forward for my next trip to tokyo.

Hong from NY, USA

November, 2004
Guide: Mai
Route: Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tower – Imperial Palace – Ginza – Roppongi

I highly recommend Tokyo Free Guide to anyone visiting Japan. Mai was a friendly and knowledgeable guide who took to me many different parts of Tokyo. Touring Japan with a native Japanese speaker definitely made my experience more enjoyable. Kaz also did a great job coordinating my tour with Mai. I’m glad I was able to meet both Mai and Kaz on my trip to Japan, and I hope both of them will be able to visit me in New York City in the future!

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