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April 2013
Route: Hama-Rikyu Garden – Ameyoko – Yanaka
Guide: Senichi Nagai

I want to leave a post to say thank you to Senichi Nagai who served as a Tokyo Free Guide for me during a visit in early April. He was very knowledgeable and helpful as he saw to it I could negotiate my way around Tokyo.

Your service is wonderful and I want to commend Mr. Senichi Nagai and your service to any others who may be considering visiting your wonderful city.


Pierre from Belgium

July 2012
Guide: Katsue Shinomiya
Route: Day 1: Ameyoko, Ueno Park, Okonomiyaki lunch, Asakusa; Day 2: Imperial Palace, Ryogoku, lunch at Hananomai, Edo-Tokyo Museum

I went to Japan in July and I was lucky enuogh to hearabout TFG and the service you are offering. So I apply for a guide for 2 different days. Katsue Shinomiya was volunteer to guide me in Tokyo. I absolutely have no regret.

Before going to Japan, I was first in contact with your staff telling me to wait for a guide, and after Katsue-san was volunteer, he still contact me to see if everything was ok. With Katsue-san, we exchanged like 10-15 mails to organize our 2 days together. Through those mails, Katsue-san was perfectly able to understand what I wanted to see.

For my first day, I asked to go to Ueno and Asakusa. She was a precious help to explain me about Tokyo subway, where to get meals, an many others practical informations. We went to Ueno, one week after a baby panda was born, so there where lot of decorations with pandas. I got lot of explanations about shrines, history and others subjects.

Then we went to Asakusa, from where we can see some famous buildings, and we went trough the gate to go to the shrine. There you can feel old Japan, it was amazing. In the company of Katsue-san, the time flied so fast it was already the end of the day.

We communicated by mail again to organize the second day, and unluckily I had to change the meeting point, but Katsue-san was very flexible, I’m really thankfull to her.

For this second day, I wanted to visit the Imperial Palace, where the Emperor of Japan lives. I didn’t realize it was so huge, and we had a long walk in the heat of summer, but she never complained and was always smiling. For lunch she took me in a “Sumo restaurant” – Hananomai. As tourist I would never have been there alone, but it is a place to see! Then we went to the Edo-Tokyo Museum.

I know it is late to write this message, but I really want to thank TFG and Katsue-san for their kindness. I hope this small message will convince people to take contact with you, so that they won’t miss such the opportunitiy to discover Tokyo in compagny of wonderful people.

I will definitively come back to Japan, and will take contact with you again.


Devin from Switzerland

September 2012
Guide: Tomoko Kasai
Route: Ueno park – Ameyoko – Imperial Palace – Lunch in Marunouchi – Tea ceremony session – Asakusa

Hello Tokyo free guide,

We had a wonderful time with Tomoko.
Tomoko is very nice and helpful.
Thanks to her we had a a wonderful meal, we went to a very nice tea ceremony and we learnt a bit more about Japanese culture and society.
Unfortunately, the day was too short :(
We’ll definitively ask for your service next time we’ll go back to Tokyo.


Graham from Australia

June 2010
Guide: Chinami Nishizawa
Route: Asakusa – Okachimachi & Ameyoko – Ginza

I just wanted to contact you and to thank and complement your free guide service for the very high standard of person you have as a guide. I was most impressed by Chinami, her warmth, her hospitality and her bravery in being prepared to guide someone in a wheelchair.

Chinami is a credit to your service and a great ambassador for Japan. I believe the fact that I enjoyed my visit to your delightful city was largely because of her enthusiasm, time and prepardness to show me a side of Japan that I would otherwise have missed.

Once again I want to thank you and to compliment and congratulate you on being involved with such a wonderful guide service.

Kindest regards

Graham Edwards

Don and Eileen from USA

September 2009
Guide: Koji Yamada
Route: September 20th: Hamarikyu Garden- Asakusa – Ameyoko street in Ueno – Akihabara (electric town) – Yakitori in Yurakucho; September 21st: Odaiba – Tsukudajima – Nezu – Yanaka

Dear Tokyo Free Guide

We want to thank Koji Yamada for being our guide in Tokyo on September 19th and 20th 2009. He was a wonderful guide and showed us popular areas like Asakusa as well the back alleys of Nezu and Yanaka. He explained about these places in clear English and really enhanced our appreciation and understanding of Tokyo’s history and culture. He also taught us a few useful phrases in Japanese. Not only did he show us and tell us about the real Tokyo but also taught us how to use the subway so that we could explore on our own. Whoever said “You will be lost in Tokyo,” didn’t have Koji for a guide. In addition, he showed us inexpensive and authentic places that we would never have found by ourselves. We highly recommend Koji as a guide.

All the best,

Don Gabor and Eileen Cowell

Joyce from Singapore

October, 2008
Guide: Naomi Ishiwatari
Route: Tsukiji Fish Market – Asakusa Sensoji – Ameyoko – Akihabara

Dear Tokyo Free Guide,

We had a wonderful time with our guide, Naomi Ishiwatari, who brought us around in Tokyo on 25th Oct during our trip there. We visited the Tsukiji Fish Market, Sensoji temple at Asakusa, Ameyoko Market and Akihabara.

She was very knowledgable, friendly and we really enjoyed her company. She also helped us to search for something which we wanted to buy in Akihabara by asking many people for directions and we really appreciate all the trouble she went to help us find the item. Without her, we would not know which train to take to the different places and what to see. She even bought us souvenirs at the fish market which was very sweet of her.

I would definitely recommend Tokyo Free Guide to any visitor who wants to visit Tokyo. Thanks to the team (especially Naomi) for making our stay there so enjoyable!


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