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Michael from Australia

December 2009
Guide: Ayako Shimoda; Tomoko Shiraishi
Route: Rikugien Garden ? Hamarikyu Garden ? Asakusa; Ebisu – Shinjuku – Harajuku

– Ayako Shimoda guided me in December 2009

I asked Ayako to help me see some Japanese gardens, she was an
excellent guide and took me to 2 Gardens in Tokyo (Rikugien and
Hamarikyu) as well as a Temple we also took the River Boat on
Sumidagawa River. It as a wonderful and very well planned day and Ayako was a pleasure to have as a guide, her English was also excellent. I would sincerely recommend her to anyone looking for a Tokyo guide

– Tomoko Shiraishi Guided me for a day in December 2009

I wanted to see some photography Galleries in Tokyo, Tomoko Shiraishi planned an excellent day and we visited many small out of the way galleries as well as the larger ones, we also visited a Flea Market Tomoko went to a lot of effort to plan a very full day of visiting galleries that would have been impossible to find on my own

More photos:

Lisa and Bob from Pennsylvania, USA

November 2009
Guide: Chikako, Senichi Nagai, Takako, and Miyuki
Route: Omotesando – Kagurazaka; Tsukiji – Ginza – Akihabara – Yanaka; Hamarikyu – Asakusa – Kappabashi; and Shinjuku

On behalf of my husband and myself we want to thank Tokyo Free Guide and our guides, Chikako, Senichi, Takako and Miyuki for a wonderful experience touring Tokyo in early November. Each of the guides was outgoing, fun, informative and dedicated to seeing that we had a very positive experience. I could go on at length about how we enjoyed each guide, but suffice it to say that the Tokyo Free guide service, and our specific guides (Chikako, Senichi, Takako and Miyuki) made our trip to Tokyo tremendously memorable. Thank You!!
Lisa and Bob Tourek, Wexford Pennsylvania USA

Susana from Portugal

October 2009
Guide: Yuka Namiki
Route: Shibuya – Harajuku – Shinjuku

Dear Tokyo Free Guide

We want to thank Yuka Namiki for being our guide in Tokyo on October 14th 2009. We had a wonderful time with her. She has showed us the most popular shopping areas in Tokyo and beautiful Japanese gardens as I asked her. We also visited Meiji Shrine and the Metropolitan Tokyo Government Building for an amazing sightseeing. We really enjoyed to know a little more about Japanese culture and habits.

Thank you once again for this wonderful and useful service. We’ll certainly recommend it to everyone who plans visiting Tokyo.

Susana e Mario

Uri from Israel

September 2009
Guide: Yukiyo Itahana
Route: (Sep.19) Shinjuku – Kagurazaka – Akihabara – Asakusa – Ginza; (Sep.20) Harajuku – Yoyogi Park – Asakusa; (Sep.25) Ginza – Shinbashi – Odaiba

I heard about the Tokyo Free Guide website very close to our travel date, but decided I would give it a try & write, even though it was past the suggested date that I should write by. Within a couple of days I received a reply by email directly from Yukio, a 68 year old retiree. His English was very good, & he was available for us to meet the morning after we arrived in Tokyo , which was great for me. I later wrote him to say that perhaps our group might be a bit bigger than I originally thought. I was traveling with a modern dance company, we were performing at the Aoyama Round Theatre. When they heard from me about Yukiyo they were all very excited & everyone wanted to join! Yukiyo’s response by email: “Welcome, welcome. The more the merrier.” I knew I was going to like him.

Yukiyo met us at our hotel lobby, after introductions & giving him a small gift I had brought with me (a beautiful photo book of Tel Aviv) we headed out. We did all the regular tourist stuff the first day- the observatory in the Municipal Government building in Shinjuku, Akihabara, Asakusa, Ginza . It was so great being with Yukiyo, having him teach us how to use the metro, how to order food in restaurants, & just the great conversations we had with him. At the end of the first day, even though we had only agreed to that one day, he offered to meet us in the morning & continue our exploration of Tokyo . Read the rest of this entry »

Don and Eileen from USA

September 2009
Guide: Koji Yamada
Route: September 20th: Hamarikyu Garden- Asakusa – Ameyoko street in Ueno – Akihabara (electric town) – Yakitori in Yurakucho; September 21st: Odaiba – Tsukudajima – Nezu – Yanaka

Dear Tokyo Free Guide

We want to thank Koji Yamada for being our guide in Tokyo on September 19th and 20th 2009. He was a wonderful guide and showed us popular areas like Asakusa as well the back alleys of Nezu and Yanaka. He explained about these places in clear English and really enhanced our appreciation and understanding of Tokyo’s history and culture. He also taught us a few useful phrases in Japanese. Not only did he show us and tell us about the real Tokyo but also taught us how to use the subway so that we could explore on our own. Whoever said “You will be lost in Tokyo,” didn’t have Koji for a guide. In addition, he showed us inexpensive and authentic places that we would never have found by ourselves. We highly recommend Koji as a guide.

All the best,

Don Gabor and Eileen Cowell

Sonia and Grant from Los Angeles, USA

September 2009
Guide: Noriko Shigehara
Route: Shinjuku – Kabuki-cho – Golden-gai – Harajuku – Meiji Shrine – Yoyogi park – Omotesando


Thank you so much for arranging for us to meet with Noriko Shigehara, our Tokyo Free Guide who showed us around town on September 6. She spent all day with us, and not only took us to all sorts of interesting places (Harajuku, Meiji Shrine, shopping, a great local restaurant) but taught us all sorts of interesting things about Japanese culture and daily life. Although we eventually would have figured out how to obtain our Rail Passes and train reservations without her help, it probably would have taken us several days… however, thanks to Noriko’s assistance everything was taken care of in a few minutes! I was especially impressed with her English skills, since she has never lived in an English-speaking country. I only wish we could have had her with us for a few more days.

I really wish this sort of fantastic service was available in other countries, but it really was such a great experience. I’ve traveled to over 25 countries around the world, and thanks to Noriko, Japan is definitely one of my favorite places, and I hope to return someday (perhaps in winter to visit Hokkaido?). Hopefully she will let me know if she needs a guide should she and her family visit Los Angeles.

Thanks again for this wonderful and valuable service.


Aitor & Amparo from Bilbao, Spain

August 2009
Guide: Yuichiro Kaneko
Route: Akihabara – Ueno – Kappabashi – Roppongi

We have just returned from our 2-weeks trip to Japan. Our stay in Tokyo was really great thanks to Yuichiro, who was completely attentive all the time, even when we asked some strange things as buying Mazinger-Z, Minerva-X and Godzilla figures or plastic food reproductions.

He even gave us a Japanese lesson!!!. Now Kanji, Kana and Kayakana do not have secrets for us… ;)

We would like to recommend this altruist service to any tourist spending some time in Tokio. It is really fantastic.

Thank you very much, Youchiro. We enjoyed your company a lot, and hope you to come to Spain soon, so we can guide you this time.

Aitor & Amparo. Bilbao. Spain

Roberto from Italy

August 2009
Guide: Masaaki Takei
Route: Shinjuku – Tokyo station – Asakusa – Ueno park – Kan’ei-ji – Uguisudani


my name is Roberto Mastrelli and I am writing from Italy.

I recently visited your beautiful country and I was like driving through the streets of Tokyo by Mr. Masaaki Takei (Masa).

I wanted to point out the great courtesy and competence of Mr Takei who accompanied us to the discovery of your beautiful city, like a true friend.

Thanks to him, we have known and appreciated your kitchen, your morals, your extreme kindness.

Thanks again for the wonderful service they provided to foreign tourists.

I greet you with great cordiality.

Dario from Italy

July 2009
Guide: Katsue Shinomiya, Chika Kobayashi, and Chikako Honda
Route: Itabashi-ku (supermarket, tea ceremony in Yukata at Katsue’s house, water mill etc) & Kawagoe; Kiyosumi Garden – Chofu City Fireworks Festival; Shibuya – Omotesando – Harajyuku – Roppongi

Dear TFG,

My name is Dario and I’d like to thank you because I really had a great time with you in Tokyo.

Guides were always forthcoming and willing to take me wherever I wanted, pointing out and explaining particulars that I would have missed if I had been alone. Moreover I had the opportunity to experience Japanese habits, kitchen and culture. I visited Tokyo with Chika and Chikako and Kawagoe with Shinomiya-san. Great time in each day!

Last thing I want to say is that as soon as I got back to Italy I was looking forward to getting back to Japan, and that’s also for my experience with TFG.


Gino and the family from Montreal, Canada

July 2009
Guide: Yuta Fujii
Route: Akihabara – Shinjuku; Asakusa – Imperial Palace – Ginza – Shinjuku

Good day Yuuta san,

We have been arrived in Montreal for two days now. The weather in Montreal was nice when we arrived but today it’s raining. Again thank you for your time to show us Tokyo, we are all appreciate and we are sorry if we cause any inconvenience to you. We are keeping a good souvenir from Tokyo.

Best regards,

Gino and family

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