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Paolo from Milano, Italy

January, 2014
Guide: Adachi Masako

I want to thank Tokyo Free Guides for giving me the opportunity to spend a whole day in Tokyo guided by Adachi Masako. With Masako we visited Shinjuku,
Harajuku, Shibuya and Roppongi.
We also towered the city from the Observatory of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in the morning and from Roppongi Hills at sunset. Being on the Sky Deck while the lights of the city were brighter and brighter in the coming darkness was super.
Masako speaks Italian fluently and so we had a lot of conversation on many different topics. That was another important aspect of the day.
Kind regards,
Paolo Bettini

Marta and Carlos from Spain

October 2013
Guide: Mario Uesugi
Route: 25th : Tsukiji, Hamarikyu garden, View from 46th floor of Dentsu building, Yurikamome new transit to Odaiba sea side beach station, walk along the beach, Shibuya
26th : Tokyo station, Imperial palace (double bridge and east garden of the Imperial palace), Ginza, Kabuki theater, Asakusa, Shinjuku
27th : Meiji jingu shine, Takeshita street, Yoyogi park, Omote sando, Ueno and Akihabara

Hi TFG!!

We just wanted to say thank you very much to Mario for such a wonderful days! We enjoyed a lot visiting Tokyo with you. Thanks for sharing with us this invaluable way of discovering a city, mixing food, history, culture and enriching conversations.

Can’t imagine a best way for understanding a different culture that living all those experiences with someone like you.

Thanks for planning and re-planning our visits according to the desires of the Typhoon Francisco. It tried to ruin our days in Tokyo but it couldn’t! :-)

Congratulations for the amazing country you have: The contrasts of Tokyo, the history and Shrines of Kyoto, the calm of Koyasan, the landscapes of Miyajima… We will not forget the friendliness, hospitality and charm of Japanese people.

Thank you TFG for this kind of service that makes possible to live a really wonderful Tokyo Experience!

Thank you Mario, for making our vacations so unforgettable and let us sharing a “small piece” of japan with you.

Marta and Carlos from Spain.

Siscu from Spain

August 2013
Route: Day 1 Asakusa – Ueno – Akihabara; Day 2 Shibuya – Shinjuku
Guide: Kiyotoshi Ota

Magnífico día con mi guía Kiyo. Fuimos al Templo Senso-ji, Parque Ueno y el barrio de Akihabara.

Como quedé muy satisfecho de la experiencia, volvimos a quedar para cenar por la zona de Shibuya.

Kiyo me llevó a un bar japonés auténtico, sin turistas, ni carta en inglés.

Muchas gracias a Tokyo free Guide y en especial a mi guía Kiyo que habla un perfecto español. Sin duda alguna, si vuelvo a Tokyo repetiría la experiencia.

Arigato Gosaimas !!!!

Siscu from Spain

Marina from Russia

August 2013
Route: Asakusa – Tokyo Skytree – Imperial Palace – Kasai Rinkai Park – Nihombashi
Guide: Yutaka Kobayashi

Trip to Japan was my huge dream! I was looking for it for a long time and this year it came true.

I knew about global program of world free guides, cause we have the same in Moscow and I’m also free guide, so I’ve found info about Tokyo Free Guide and added my info…. And Yutaka Kobayashi sent me the letter after few weeks. And may say he is really great person! I didn’t have any plan what to visit in Tokyo, but he planned everything. We’ve visited Asakusa-Tokyo Sky Tree-Imperial Garden-Sea Park-And some places near Nihonbashi. We’ve talked about different things and I’ve learnt a lot of Japan. The huge problem was the weather, cause it was tooo hooot. Atsui!

Anyway, I’ve spent really great time! Yutaka is very polite, thoughtful and he speaks English very well. Hope to meet with him again someday!

I want to thank you a lot for your program! It’s so great! Thank you!

There will be one more time with Tokyo Free Guide? Absolutely!

Best wishes,

Marina from Russia

Marta from Canada

January 2012
Route: Yanaka – Ueno Park – Ginza – Harajuku
Guide: Chikako

I know this is a year and a half late, but I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to TFG.  My guide Chikako and I had two wonderful days exploring various parts of Tokyo in January 2-3, 2012.

I told her all the kinds of things and places I was interested in visiting and she took me to all of them. She was there waiting for me at the airport and helped me from the start. She saved me tons of money by helping me take the trains instead of the taxi to and from the airport.

She took the time to come and meet me on my last day to help me get on the train to the airport when she did not have to. I had only booked the first two days of my trip with her and the other ones with a tour group.

She was just wonderful and I finally have a chance to say thank you so much.

Marta from Canada

Fábio from Brazil

May 2013
Route: Day 1 Kameari – Shibamata – TOKYO SKYTREE SORAMACHI; Day 2 Ushiku Daibutu
Guide: Misa Haratsu

I had the chance to be in Japan again, and this time I was so lucky to see Misa Haratsu again. And share a great moment with her.

I had the chance to visit many beautiful places. I specially really loved Ushiku daibutsu (牛久大仏) and its great beatiful garden.

And a beatifull Kyoryuger show (キョウリュウジャ) !!!! I felt like a children again, and It was a special moment in my life!

Misa was so nice and gentle always.

There will be one more time with Tokyo Free Guide? Absolutely!

I would recommend TFG, and Misa San again in particular, for anyone planning a visit to Tokyo.

Thank you, TFG, and especially Misa San!
Obrigado :)

Fábio from Brazil


April 2013
Route: Hama-Rikyu Garden – Ameyoko – Yanaka
Guide: Senichi Nagai

I want to leave a post to say thank you to Senichi Nagai who served as a Tokyo Free Guide for me during a visit in early April. He was very knowledgeable and helpful as he saw to it I could negotiate my way around Tokyo.

Your service is wonderful and I want to commend Mr. Senichi Nagai and your service to any others who may be considering visiting your wonderful city.


Fatima from Colombia

July 2013
Route: The Imperial Palace – Yurakucho (Okonomiyaki lunch) – Meiji Shrine – Yurikamome Line – Shiodome
Guide: Mayumi Fujihashi

Thank you for the amazing day. Since I came to Japan I have met a lot ofgreat, friendly people but my guide, Mayumi was truly special.

She was alovely person, who knew clever ways to guide me throughout Tokyo, explainedeverything in details, and had many interesting stories about Japanese history and culture.

She introduced me to Okonomiyaki restaurant, which Ihaven’t had before and quickly became my favorite. This Tokyo Free Guide program makes us love Japan, and I will definitely recommend to my friends that this will be unique and unforgettable experience for them as well.

Bestwishes and hope you continue with this beautiful mission, I love your great country.

Mercedes from Spain

May 2013
Route: Kanda Myojin Festival – Shibuya – Harajuku – Meiji Shrine
Guide: Kazumi Suzuki

Dear sir/madam,

I wish to thank you for Mr. Kazumi Suzuki guide service.

He is a very nice man and plenty helpfull. He espent a lot of time giving us explanations and advices. He also taked us to the very best places in Shibuya and Harajuku, as we asked for. And all of this speaking perfect spanish!

Congratulations to Tokyo free guides!


Mercedes from Spain

Yanuar from Indonesia

May 2013
Route: Tsukiji Fish Market – Asakusa (Sanja Festival) – Himiko Ship to Odaiba (Gundam Statue & Many More)
Guide: Takahiko Sugie ^_^

Journey to the Eastern ~ I Love Japan ^_^

Finally, Im in Japan & take a travel in here, with Mr.Sugie Help, We could learn the Another Culture of Japan, Good Vision about Japan
Thanks a Lot to Mr. Sugie that Guide Us with Patiently, and make a good recommendation to Visit the Intresting Place just like Odaiba,Asakusa, Tsukiji Fish Market, Ride Himiko Ship, Watch Gundam Statue and Many Place ^_^

Thank You Very Much to the Organization (TFG) to Respond our Guide Request ~We really appreciate it.

I Love Sushi ~ Never Forget about this Experience Japan
Best ^_^ Bravooo :) ~

Ganbatte Kudasaine ~ Arigato Gozaimashita

Yanuar from Indonesia

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