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TOKYO FREE GUIDE offers overseas visitors a free guided tour in and around Tokyo, which has a myriad of exciting and appealing attractions.  We will take you to look around at your request, free of charge, including Kamakura, Hakone, or Nikko.  Although our volunteer guides may not speak your language perfectly, we are full of energy with heart-warming hospitality and cultural insights.  Our latest information ensures that you will have a memorable experience in and/or around Tokyo.  Even if you already live in Japan, all overseas people are welcome.  We may know about Tokyo more than you do!

If you wish to have a tour with a volunteer guide,  book now!  We look forward to meeting you in Tokyo soon!!

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TOKYO LICENSED GUIDE (TLG) is organized by nationally licensed guides connected to TOKYO FREE GUIDE. If terms and conditions of TFG are not satisfactory to your group or if you want to promptly secure a guide, TLG will satisfy your request within a few day.

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